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Car Magnetic signs are a great way to promote and advertise for your business. Hundreds of people see your car every day, why not leave a lasting impression? Outdoor magnetic signs on cars can create a first impression with a potential customer without even having to interact with them. If you run a small business and your work vehicle is the same as your family vehicle, then magnetic signs are perfect. You can advertise for your company, but can also have privacy when needed with magnetic signs. We use high quality 30 mil magnets that won't fly off on the freeway and will stand up to Woodstock GA heat. Magnets can be custom cut to any shape and size. Allow our graphic designers to create the perfect set of magnets for your business.

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Up to 70,000 people see your vehicle daily!

Advertise on your vehicle and capture this exposure everyday. Where else can you receive this amount of viewers DAILY? Hands down this is the best advertising value. Get more for your advertising dollars now.
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